Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lilia Sanchez Tenes Bio

My mother has shown dedication and selflessness serving the community
in many ways. 30 years ago she was a founder of PACT (People Acting in
Community Together) a grassroots community organization that seeks to
improve the health, education, safety, and well-being of of the city’s
low and middle-income residents. Accomplishments include Homework
Centers, Youth Center and Children’s Health Care Initiative.

For 14 years she has dedicated herself as a Regional Director for
Rainbows, a group support program for children going through death,
divorce and separation from a loved one. She has dealt with children
who have experience murder suicide, alcohol & drug-addicted parent and
have been abandoned.

Lily also volunteers her time to providing comforting words, guidance
and prayer to youth at Juvenile Hall. When others want to “lock ‘em up
and throw away the key” she assures they are worthy and capable of
becoming productive adults and loving parents.

Most importantly she serves as role model to others as a loving couple of 50+ years, a parent and community leader who teaches others through example the
value of her work and the difference it makes in peoples lives. All of
this she does with no pay or stipend.

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